Frame housing

Light wood framed construction is one of the most popular types of building methods for homes in the United States and Europe. It has the following characteristics:
• It is light, and allows quick construction with no heavy tools or equipment. Every component can easily be carried by hand
• a house essentially becomes a large carpentry job. The main tool is a handheld nail gun.
• It is able to adapt itself to any geometric shape, and can be clad with a variety of materials.
• Energy efficient when constructed correctly and has a high resistance to cold and hot weather conditions.
• Fast heating due to low thermal mass.

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Half log houses

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing building, enjoy the warm ambiance of logs with the frame technique construction.
Lumbertech international allows you to create an energy efficient affordable home with a full-log look, allowing the homeowner to experience the natural beauty and other characteristics of the wood.
Our HALF-LOG SIDING is produced by actually cutting logs in half - maintaining the natural contours of the log.
The benefit of our half logs:
• Full-log aesthetics at affordable prices
• Total interior and exterior design flexibility
• No log settling
• Increased energy efficiency

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Log houses are made of round timber of softwoods (spruce). The component parts are carefully selected, providing to the structure both solid and rustic aspects, very pleasant, that attracts through originality.
Why a log house?
Wood has a huge capacity to store heat, higher than brick, being the best insulator between natural materials. The cracks which occur naturally in the log structure does not affect its thermal coefficient.
Wood, in its natural state maintains a constant degree of moisture in living space, guaranteeing a real feeling of comfort.
The wood absorbs excess moisture and release it when atmospheric humidity decrease.
The wood is an healthy material, that offers a pleasant environment.
Such houses are suitable for any area, but are recommended in the wooden areas like hills or mountains.
Rustic appearance is due to the fact that the structure of logs is apparent both outside and inside.
Modern conditions of comfort are complemented by the pleasant sensation of texture and color of the wood, combined with the natural flavor of turpentine.
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As space becomes more and more valued , it is no wonder that people are constructing useful attics and turning to loft conversions to create the extra rooms they need. So many of the roofs above our houses sit unused and dusty when they could contain bedrooms and ensuites. As your family grows, or your circumstances change, an attic building or loft conversion can give you the adaptability that lets you stay in your current home and improve your living space.
Roof spaces suitable for conversion can create stunning master bedrooms and ensuites with nice views. Or they can be split into two smaller rooms to house the growing family or visiting friends and relatives. We’ve created grand master bedrooms, offices, nurseries, guest suites, walk-in wardrobes, wet rooms and more in our quest to improve the houses of our clients. The possibilities are endless and this solution has allowed our clients to stay in the homes they love without struggling for the space they need.
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