Closed Roof Pergolas

A terrace that becomes a living area, the corner of a garden transformed into a relaxing space, an outdoor area in the city is now a space to be lived-in year-round. A custom-made and innovative solution for every outdoor space. Lumbertech’s experience has created a wide range of choices among many solutions, all customised and personalised, to maximise the enjoyment of every outdoor area and transforming it into a welcoming harbour, even in the strongest sun, wind or rain.

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Clear Roof Pergolas

Lumbertech teams are specially trained to deliver excellent customer service from start to finish. Our Design Managers are experts in providing the right advice from styles and colors, to space and size solutions.
Lumbertech provides clear roof pergolas covered with policarbonate which is a transparent heavy duty material that rests on top of the rafters. This provides protection from the rain and lets light enter the area beneath the roof.

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Open Roof Pergolas

Open roof pergolas offers clean, uninterrupted views and provides a nice partial shading effect because the intersecting lines of structure break up direct sun. It can be combine with plants, that when established, they provide a natural shade and create a beautiful cool atmosphere beneath. As all of lumbertech's products water base paint and treatment is used to ensure durability and excellent finishing.

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