Lumbertech's International kiosks are built to live elegantly and stylishly in any weather conditions. Also has the ability to be used as a stall in a market or bar to sit beside a public road, the possibilities for our models are endless. The ready-made wall elements make for an easy and quick erection, this building can also be loaded in a truck should you wish to re-locate the kiosk at a later date. With a lock and hatches provided, the building can be left safely secured at night should any valuables be inside that you wish to keep away from unwanted hands. A smaller version of this kiosk is also available to purchase.
The roof coverings available from us include bituminous shingles and ceramic tiles . We recommend the use of bituminous shingles should you be looking to keep moving your kiosk on regular bases.

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Garden sheds

Garden Sheds of all styles, from Tool Sheds to Bike Sheds and many more, can be found in this section. Our broad range of high quality wooden garden storage sheds are available in a variety of different cladding types including tongue and groove and half log. Here at Lumbertech iInternational we offer a large range of secure buildings in many different sizes and styles to fit each and every storage need imaginable. Whether you use your shed as a summer room, a hobby and craft studio, or even just a place to keep tools, if you have a storage problem, we have the answer.
Our years of expertise have helped us identify the most important elements of shed storage and security, allowing us to design the best possible products. Many of our customers ask questions such as “Is it secure enough?”, “Will it last?” and “Will it have enough space for everything that I need to store?”; with our products, the answer is always a resounding yes.

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